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The ThinkPad line of laptop computers was originally sold by IBM and is known for their boxy black design, which was originally modeled after a traditional Japanese lunchbox. Since early 2005, ThinkPad’s have been sold by Lenovo, which purchased the IBM personal computer division in the same year. Known for their reliability, quality, durability, and performance, ThinkPad’s are popular with businesses, schools, and individual users.

 The ThinkPad has also been used in space, and is the only laptop certified for use on the International Space Station

The Idea Pad line of consumer-oriented laptop computers was released in January of 2008. The Idea Pad is entirely the result of Lenovo’s own research and development. Unlike the ThinkPad line of notebooks its design and brand were not inherited from IBM. The Idea Pad design marked a deviation from the business-oriented ThinkPad laptops, towards a more consumer-focuses look and feel. Among these changes were the inclusion of a glossy screen and the omission of the traditional ThinkPad Track Point. Notebook Review said the keyboard had a ‘”distinctive ThinkPad feel” and “the touchpad and touchpad buttons were smooth and responsive.”

In the second quarter of 2011, Lenovo was the third largest vendor of personal computers in the world. For the year ending with third quarter 2010, its market share increased from 8.6 percent to 10.4 percent. The company is the largest seller of PCs in China, with a 28.6% share of the China market, according to research firm IDC in July, 2009. It reported annual sales of $ 14.9 billion for the fiscal year ending 2008/2009 (ending March 31, 2009).

During the first quarter of 2011 Lenovo controlled 31.7% of the Chinese personal computer market when measured by units sold. Lenovo reported a 98.3 percent rise in profit to $ 108.8 million during the first quarter of 2011, up from $ 54.86 million during the same quarter of the previous year. Lenovo shipped 10.28 million personal computers in the first quarter of 2011.

In May 2011, Lenovo reported fourth-quarter earnings of $ 42 million on sales of $ 4.88 billion. Wall Street was expecting revenue of $ 5.08 billion, according to Thomson Reuters

It’s easier to do it in those countries compared with mature markets.

When Legend launched its own branded personal computer in 1990, it already had a strong distribution network in place. With that distribution network and prices 30% below those of foreign companies such as Hewlett Packard, Legend grabbed the lead in China’s computer market late 1996 and has held it ever since. Legend has been able to accomplish this buy underpricing foreign competitors while providing quality and support unavailable from local competitors.


P R Computer Castle Technologies (India) Pvt.,

No: 26, 1ST floor, A.R.Street,

Janaki Nagara Valasaravakkam,

Chennai – 87

Brand New LENOVO G50-70 15.6" I3/4GB/500GB in Black with a Laptop Bag!!
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power supply 45W - original for Lenovo G50-80 Serie

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power supply 65W - original for Lenovo G50-80 Serie
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Series Favorites with Satellite Television

We all have our favorite, classic television shows. These are the ones that when they finally end, we are kept wanting more. Sometimes they are the shows we have to follow and watch religiously in order to keep up. Other times, you can watch out of order and still love the relatable characters and witty plot twists. Fortunately, when you have access to more channels you can probably find old re-runs of the more popular shows. You don’t have to let go after the season ends when you have a satellite television provider that not only lets your re-watch your favorite episodes, as well as record them on the latest television accessory.

We all have our favorite shows of all time. Maybe they were the ones we watched growing up, or the ones that made us laugh out loud through tough times, or that remind us of a particular place and time. For whatever reason, they’ve stuck out in our minds as the moments we look forward to in the week. A good laugh out loud comedy like Seinfeld can be the cure to a bad day at work, and the tumultuous relationships on Grey’s Anatomy remind us that maybe our significant other isn’t that misbehaved. These are the shows that help us reflect on our own lives, and the characters become familiar in a peculiar way.

However, every show must come to an end, even with our most favorite series. The best television shows live on, as they are aired on different channels or have re-runs that continue for years. Sex and the City ended years ago, however you can still watch Carrie and the gang just about every day on Cosmopolitan channel. These are the shows that left a mark on television history, and fortunately for us they don’t go away so fast.

However, the sad news is that some of these television shows do take on a new airtime that is inconvenient to our schedules. Maybe they are on during the day, or only come on very late at night, as the more recent shows have the prime time picks. Fortunately with a satellite television provider you can still enjoy your favorite shows with the latest technology, DVR. DVR has changed the way we watch the television, because it allows us to actually control what we are watching. No longer do we have to plan our activities around our favorite series (new or old), now we have the ability to decide when and how we are going to watch them. Skip through channel and re-watch your favorite movies with this technology.

Satellite television makes it easy for you to enjoy your favorite television series, even after they stop filming. You have access to more channels, providing you with re-runs, and can then make the decision to watch them when and how you want. Don’t miss out on the best satellite television providers that keep your favorite series alive long past the curtain call.

Keep enjoying your favorites with Direct Star TV. Don’t miss out on new and old series in your area with Direct tv Waco.

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HP Mini 210 Laptop

HP’s Mini 210 must develop to be boring. such as the Ford Fiesta using the PC world, it is a point-A-to-B spending budget box from the well-known producer not especially properly acknowledged for getting risks. but furthermore like its automotive doppelganger, the Mini 210 yields some unforeseen surprises. in inclusion to styling that breaks the monotony of countless Taiwanese clones, it sports activities an exceptionally large resolution display, optional Broadcom film decoder chip, collectively with a touchpad that emulates Apple’s MacBooks. As we found out out, that last place proves to develop to be considered a key – debatably fatal – stumbling prevent for that Mini 210, but purchasers who can look at to reside using the mind-bogglingly-bad pad, or spring for just about any wireless mouse, can look at to cope with an otherwise extremely properly place collectively netbook.

Features and Specs

Like most products on this class, the Mini 210 runs Intel’s common Atom processor, using the bottom product picking up a 1.66GHz N455. purchasers who want multimedia ability can spec a gadget using the greater quickly 1.8GHz Atom and Broadcom’s Crystal HD film accelerator for an additional $ 40. With or devoid of them, all products hold Intel’s GMA 3150 integrated artwork processor. purchasers also can choose to outfit it with as a good offer as 2GB of memory, a 250GB challenging drive, as well as embedded broadband from AT&T, Verizon or Sprint. The 10.1-inch LED-backlit show provides 1366 x 768 resolution.

At 10.55 inches extended and 6.9 inches deep, the Mini 210 consists of a footprint no bigger compared to common laptop computer with its display size, and at 1.1 inches thick at its thickest point, really arrives in near to the slender side. It will not really challenge the inch-thick Asus Eee Seashell, however it is not much behind. And at 2.69 pounds, you will not uncover it a backpack or briefcase any a good offer greater compared to common netbook.

Our Mini 210 arrived equipped with an Intel Atom operating at 1.66Ghz, 1GB of RAM, a 160GB challenging drive, and Broadcom’s Crystal HD film accelerator.

Netbook keyboards are in no way ideal, however the broad chiclet-style keys near to the Mini 210 hold out properly enough, and appear excellent executing it. We liked the bold, square-shouldered keys, their velvety plastic material feel, as well as the clean, swiftly legible sans-serif typeface on them, even if keystrokes do really feel instead short and ungratifying – a hallmark of almost all netbooks.

If only a comparable may be stated using the touchpad, that is so profoundly awful that people sat for 15 mins wanting to translate the aggravation it experienced induced us greater compared to instruction course using the evaluation into words. Worst touchpad ever? That only hints on the profound level of incorrect here. utilizing the touchpad near to the Mini 210 not just felt like operating an iPhone getting a wet pair of ski gloves, we are pretty specific it experienced some longterm results on elevating our bloodstream stress and eroding our sanity.

How do HP control to backpedal away from your completely workable touchpads of its previous netbooks? typically enough, they experienced been wanting to create it better. We image it went a specific thing like this: in the valliant work to duplicate Apple’s brilliant MacBook touchpad, which forgoes buttons altogether in favor of one giant pad that clicks down, HP started out R&D on its individual version, fell flat on its face, and apparently made the decision to stuff it right into a producing laptop computer anyway.

Like the aforementioned MacBook touchpad, the whole pad clicks along in area of appropriate and left click buttons (a extra fat T-shaped divider etched near to the bottom hints on the zones for appropriate and left clicking). If it worked something like Apple’s MacBook masterpiece, the sheer sizing using the pad would shoot it straight in the direction of the greatest of our favorites. however the computer software for that multitouch pad gets totally boggled over using just two fingers near to the pad. utilizing your left index finger to click although your appropriate hand does the pointing typically proficient prospects to the cursor to hop greater than a few inches near to the screen, instead of clicking the icon you wanted. Or stalls the cursor in place, for all those people that decline an extra finger although it is moving. Or locks it right into a scrolling up and along motion. The indicators and symptoms vary, however the final result may be the same: utter frustration.

HP Mini 210 Review

HP Elitebook 8440p 2.4GHz i5 Win7 64bit 320GB 4GB Good Batter DV
£6.38 (0 Bids)
End Date: Monday Jul-6-2015 2:11:59 BST
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HP Pavilion G62-340US 15.6" Laptop Computer AMD X2 2.2ghz 3Gb 320GB Webcam HDMI

End Date: Wednesday Jul-15-2015 1:58:58 BST
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HP stream 14" slim laptop
£0.99 (0 Bids)
End Date: Friday Jul-10-2015 1:52:58 BST
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Best Added Laptops In Dell Inspiron Serie

Dell has recently added few more laptop machines in its Inspiron series to target the youth of the nation. The newly designed Dell laptops are created by following the contemporary trends. Its fresh stock includes Dell Inspiron N5010, Dell Inspiron Mini 1018 and Dell Inspiron N4030. Now I am explaining the above mentioned Dell Inspiron series.

Dell Inspiron N5010

Dell Inspiron N5010 offers you the qualities and features beyond your imagination. This laptop will fill your life with the colors of joy and happiness and makes your life more portable and easy. It is available in some glossy shades which enhance the beauty of the laptop such as Mars Black (standard), Peacock Blue, Tomato Red and Lotus Pink.

The new Dell Inspiron N5010 carries a 15.6-inch display laptop which is powered by Intel Core i5 processor and pre-loaded with the latest Windows 7 OS. Moreover it has everything you need, it is fully loaded with the smart and entertaining features like 7-in-1 media card reader, Built-in microphone, Built-in stereo speakers (2 x 2W), Webcam VGA, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g,. Delivering unbelievably strong performance, the optional ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470 graphics cards take the Inspiron laptop’s Hi-def experience. The freshly launch Dell Inspiron N5010 price in will be around Rs. 62, 000.

Dell Inspiron Mini 1018

Dell Inspiron Mini 1018 provides the perfect solution of mobility and portability that goes anywhere with you that ensures easy to check the email or connect to the internet. Well this laptop is embedded with everything that you usually need to stay in touch and entertained on the road. It doesnt sacrifice any of the features you desire. Moreover it offers the long battery life with Genuine Windows 7 and powerful Intel processing.

The Dell Inspiron Mini 1018 is come equipped with some fresh options such as Wireless-N, DDR3 memory, and a generous 250GB hard drive. It is accompanied with the some mobile features such as watch movies, listen to music, edit videos and upload to the Web. The integrated camera supported the 0.3 MP. This cute plus valuable Dell Inspiron Mini 1018 price in India will be around Rs. 25,000. It is not yet declared in Indian market.

Dell Inspiron N4030

Dell Inspiron N4030 is proved to be the ideal laptop for those who are seeking for the tiny laptops at affordable price. In this laptop you would enjoy the numerous of features Windows 7, Vista and XP supported device drivers (IDT HD audio driver, ATI graphics driver, Dell Bluetooth driver, etc.). It is well equipped with the 5-in-1 Media Card Reader, 0.3 Megapixel Webcam, 500GB 5,400RPM Serial ATA Hard Drive, Intel Core i3 380M processor and etc.

To know the new Dell Laptops price visit to the official site of the company.

To find out the latest cdma mobiles and to compare their prices and features with other mobile phones visit to the nokia mobile price list and gather all the updated tech news.

John Wells is an expert in personal electronic gadgets including laptops, Tablets PC , LCD Tvs and HP Laptops, and many more. Read the Expert Reviews and Users Reviews of your gadgets at consumermate.com

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Dell Inspiron 580s Desktop PC Review


Not everyone is looking for a $ 2000 Power PC that can run the latest programs on three different monitors. Some people just want something that does what they need to do well. Dell Inspiron 580s is a very affordable and well built PC that does just that.

Technical specifications: – Intel Core i3-530 2.9GHz – 320GB HD @ 7200rpm – 4GB RAM – Intel GMA graphics HD – 250W PSU – DVD-RW drive

The Inspiron 580s is a part of very basic needs line of Dell. It does not contain the latest set of expensive dual graphics cards or a 10,000 rpm HD. However, just because the baseline does not mean to walk slowly and look dull. The Inspiron 580s sport actually looks surprisingly good with a decent front line of new designs that Dell is dishing out recently. It is also quite slender for a desktop PC, allowing plenty of room for other things on or around your desk.

As for performance, is the only decent improvements over previous models. The Intel processor i3 is quite impressive for an entry-level model as the 580s, and is a nice upgrade from the previous model. The graphics card is nothing to yawn, but it is highly unlikely that you are going to exceed what it provides for a basic desktop study as they need. It also comes with 4GB of memory, which is the standard for almost all PCs these days, so you have room for multitasking through numerous programs and a number of solid start-up times.

While it is clear that the Dell Inspiron 580s is not a powerhouse, it’s a very solid entry-level computer that goes to cover the average user needs very well. It is well built, looks good, and it is slim, but high design offers space for more important things you need to make your computer work area. If you are looking for a new PC that does the job done and do not cost a fortune, the Dell Inspiron 580s is definitely something you consider.


Visit Gizmodosefor many more gadget reviews and tech news

Dell Inspiron 3000 Series Desktop Intel i3_3.5G_8GB_1TB(i3847-3850BK)
End Date: Friday Jul-10-2015 21:10:13 BST
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NEW Dell 3000 i3646-3940BLK Desktop - Dual Core J1800, 2.41GHz, 4G, 500G,WiFi

End Date: Sunday Jul-12-2015 6:18:16 BST
Buy It Now for only: £185.86
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Dell Inspiron 3000 i3847-5386BK Desktop -Intel Core i5-4460 3.2GHz 12GB 1TB WiFi
End Date: Friday Jul-10-2015 3:38:36 BST
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Lenovo Support Slams Lenovo Product Issues

Lenovo inherits the trust and reliability of IBM, and is working afresh to provide better than the best computing experienced to global customers. It is considered as one of the world’s great personal technology companies. The presence of Lenovo can be felt in all domains including laptops, tablets, all-in-one, workstations and servers. ThinkPad, IdeaPad and Essentials are the prime product-series in terms of laptop. ThinkCentre, IdeaCentre and Essentials are dominating the desktop and all-in-one market. ThinkStation and ThinkServer are leading respectively in the workstation and server domains. IdeaPad and ThinkPad tablets will accompany you on the tour keeping the best entertainment, browsing, and connectivity features at your fingertips. So lenovo help offers a complete IT solution matching requirement of personal, small office and enterprise. If you are interested to have any of the Lenovo products, you may acquire their pros and cons through Lenovo reviews coming from reputed independent resources.

Lenovo Support is a well-organized technical helpdesk powered by experts.  Whether your product stays in/out of warranty, you are entitled to avail experts’ assistance. Just you have to simply dial the helpline number and permit experts to have the remote access of your Lenovo system. The portal is pampered with user-manual or guides, driver and software download, diagnose and fix, knowledgebase and FAQs sections and you can harness those stuffs to fix most of the compute problems on your own. You can derive support for computer setup and installation, software update and upgrade, hardware repair and maintenance, Internet setup and networking, and more.

Growing Lenovo market share has grabbed the focus of the third-party vendors, especially which are delivering core-customer service in the technical domain. As a result Lenovo help and support occupies a significant position in their service list. In the past few years, mammoth surge has been noticed in their customer-base. And this is not without reasons-for these are offering instant and effective support with complete patience. Moreover, the comprehensive or unlimited support nature and 24/7 accessibility put those on the edge. Means, the scope has widen, even if your Lenovo is confronting issues with Windows operating system, Microsoft office, Intuit, Adobe, Internet Explorer, Outlook,  or any other software or tools, you don’t have to knock  other doors. Wherever you are, the remote-based portal follows you and offers the parental care which comes with the touch of life.

But the best shot is with you. You too have to give proper attention to the health of your Lenovo machine. With repeated mistakes you can’t expect sound computing. Issues like slow performance, Internet errors, corrupted Windows Registry errors, damaged .dll files, Runtime errors are quite common, but thorough study reveals that these problems are nothing but a glimpse of your negligence. You could have fixed many of these problems with your wit and presence of mind. Self-repair and maintenance is must to do course for everyone, and it comes from nowhere, but experience. There are tools like Disk Cleanup, Disk Defragmenter, Msconfig, Microsoft Fix It and others which come handy and are available with no cost. Likewise, before downloading or installing any software products you can perform a compatibility test running the built-in Windows Compatibility tool with each edition.

The author is a technician at Techvedic technologies, a firm that delivers end to end lenovo support to clients. Online computer repair, lenovo help and support , computer technical support , lenovo help are few services offered at this one platform along with many others.

Lenovo G50 Series Wireless WiFi Card 04X6025 RTL8723BE
End Date: Monday Aug-3-2015 16:38:34 BST
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Lenovo G50 Series Audio Jack Card Reader USB Port Board w/cable NS-A275

End Date: Monday Aug-3-2015 16:38:32 BST
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New Lenovo G50 Z50 G40 Z40 Series LCD LED Screen Display Video Cable DC02001MC00
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Battery Li-ion 2.200mAh - Original for Lenovo G50-70 Serie
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Callaway X Series and Big Bertha Irons

Now, all of golfers may know that the Callaway Golf is one of the best golf brands in the world. They manufacture a full range of golf clubs, including woods, irons, wedges, putters and golf balls, and also license the Callaway brand name for apparel, footwear, timepieces and accessories. In this article, I would like to talk something about Callaway golf.

The only motivation of Callaway golf is to make more golfers to achieve a more perfect blow. This is the Callaway source of inspiration for all acts of innovation – invention, innovation, design and service. It is also a solemn commitment of many golfers. In 26 years, Callaway Golf clubs such as the Callaway X-24 HOT Irons are popular in the world, the magic to change a large number of golfers’ inherent way of thinking, so that it can have more fun in golf the fun. Callaway also became the industry leader.

From the Callaway Big Bertha Golf Driver to Rule 35, Callaway has always been more perfect blend of high technology and innovative design (the very warm fusion technique are useful for golf development), the impact of the development of the industry, so that Callaway’s Products continue to exceed other golf manufacturers, and more by golfers of all ages.

Callaway irons as the tour and the first sales of irons line have been the most popular products. 2009 X Series Irons and Big Bertha X-22 irons in use within a 360-degree cut cavity back design. Every irons of Callaway Big Bertha Diablo Irons is a modern looking iron designed to give top golfers the control and feel they demand. The long-term proprietary core technologies, impact on the performance and feel. The cavity back design allows the player to cut the weight removed from the face to help golfers achieve optimal center of gravity, to obtain a stable pitch and excellent feel. Meanwhile, the 360-degree design with aluminum to achieve a thin coat of arms of the face, which further enhances iron shots feel.

Callaway Golf also market products under the Odyssey putter brand, acquired in 1997, as well as the Top-Flite, Strata and Ben Hogan golf brands picked up following the bankruptcy of Spalding’s former golf division in 2003. The Odyssey golf as the leading brand of innovative putter on the tour and putting the first usage of the brand, still continued to push into a new structure using a variety of materials, and with a streamlined multi-layer insert can provide excellent ball feel and perfect feedback.

If you want to know much more information, you may read my other articles in my blog – Golf with My Life or visit the Pickgf.com. Thank you for reading my article!

Now, swing your taylormade 09 burner irons, you will not feel the same as your former swing. If you want to know much more information, you may read my other articles – Something about Golf World Ranking Calculation. Thank you for reading my article!

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Buy Asus Laptop

There is for the most part a think collection in between laptop pcs and desktop pcs also it is getting blurred even as we speak. But not all makers of pcs have this blur. For one, ASUS separates this. In fact, they possess the XG station that is especially made to provide the laptop pcs much more flexibility. It allows it to acquire effortlessly slipped in in between the desktop pc as shortly since it remains to be stabilized.

Then there’s the Asus computer docking station which provides the outside pictures card station for the notebook. It also consists of a sling of slots which may possibly be maximized from the operator when he adds up the peripherals from his more mature desktop into his laptop.

The upgrading inside the pictures element of any computer is relatively easy. You don’t need to devote as well much. All you need is just one and you also will shortly observe that it is relatively fast to maximize the peripherals at a reduce rate. It is among the the very first reproductions that experienced been unveiled through the pc market. It provides the standard slots required from the computer to possess the ability to purpose which the desktop relatively a great offer can accommodate.

If the operator is worried concerning the pictures through the desktop for the laptop, he may just obtain the Asus computer docking station that is compatible with his systems. validate using the lab experiments that occur to be carried out near to the many makers of notebooks centered near to the compatibility inside the plan for the stations. The graphic credit rating cards have an effect on the acceleration inside the system.

Aside through the pointed out features, the Asus computer docking station serves like a superb substitute for desktops. The founded up is beefier as well as the desktop cannot provide this sort of versatility in conditions inside the peripherals functions.

The system inside the Asus computer docking station raises the versatility of your notebook. You don’t need to purchase each of the peripherals that the desktop previously have. Neither can you need to be worried about your movement photo digesting because of the reality inside the reduced energy components which could be triggered when adjusting through the computer for the desktop peripherals.

The computer docking stations occur to be especially made to accommodate the end users inside the desktop which could be thinking about of shifting from this plan for the laptop.

Asus G73 Review

12" Laptop ChromeBook Bag Case Sleeve Cover For ASUS EeeBook X205TA 11.6"
End Date: Monday Aug-3-2015 10:25:36 BST
Buy It Now for only: £8.99
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Some recent ASUS X205TA Laptop auctions on eBay:

12" Laptop ChromeBook Bag Case Sleeve Cover For ASUS EeeBook X205TA 11.6"

End Date: Monday Aug-3-2015 10:25:36 BST
Buy It Now for only: £8.99
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12" Laptop ChromeBook Bag Case Sleeve Cover For ASUS EeeBook X205TA 11.6"
End Date: Monday Aug-3-2015 10:25:36 BST
Buy It Now for only: £8.99
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The Oldest But Amazing Handset Of HD Series

Its one of the best and most popular handset is HTC HD2. It is existing in this family from past many months and till date it has attracted lots of users with its classy looks and high end features. There are several web portals from where you can easily buy various HTC HD2 deals. It is available on many top networks like Vodafone, virgin, O2, orange etc. its advanced features can entertain you as well as its business features will help you to access various tasks.

This is a beautiful creation of HTC family and it weighs 157 g which is little heavy but users can carry it easily. It has a wide 4.3 inches TFT capacitive touchscreen in which you can easily view pictures and videos with great clarity. For high speed internet access and for data transfer one can use EDGE, GPRS, 3G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. This handset works on Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional operating system and includes Qualcomm Snapdragon QSD8250 1 GHz processor which helps the applications to run fast and it also supports both 2 G and 3 G network. If photography is always on your mind then this camera will be a good option for you as it has inbuilt camera of 5 MP with high resolution of 2592 x 1944 pixels. After clicking various pictures, you need not to worry where to store it because it has a huge internal memory capacity of 448 MB RAM with 512 MB ROM and it also can be raised upto 32 GB through the help of memory card. In that space you can also store songs and videos. It supports different formats of audio and video. Some more attractive features are HTC Peep, HTC Footprints, Pocket Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, PDF viewer) etc.

Various HTC HD2 deals comes in formats of contract deals, pay as you go deals, sim free deals. Through these deals you can also avail benefits along with the handset. Contract deals offer free gifts like TV, laptop, free text, free talk time etc with this mobile phone.

Adam Caitlin is expert author of Telecommunication industry. For more information On HTC Desire deals and HTC wildfire deals in UK, visit our online shop Freecontractmobilephone.co.uk

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Dell Latitude D620 Laptop Review

The Dell Latitude D620 is a 14-inch widescreen business notebook equipped with the latest Intel Core Duo processor. The D620 replaces the D610 and provides quite an overhaul in both design change and internal components. The new industrial charcoal grey and black look of the D620 conveys its strong build, which Dell calls “Road Ready”, and with a slew of available built-in wireless communications this notebook is road ready in more ways than one.


Design and Build


The D620 is most interesting in that it adopts a widescreen format, a feature that hereto date really has been pushed more in the consumer channel of notebooks. Dell reckons that business-types will prefer this format too though. After all, a widescreen (available in WXGA and WXGA+ resolution) does allow you to more easily have two windows open next to each other at the same time. Side-by-side comparison of documents, web pages or spreadsheets is an example of common business tasks more easily done on a widescreen.


Aesthetically the D620 looks nice and professional. It is mostly a dark charcoal-grey (almost black) inside with silver accents and silver lid. This provides for an industrial and muscular look, quite the opposite of the light-grey and white design of the Dell Inspiron line of notebooks. All of the new Latitude notebooks (D420, D620 and dell latitude d800 battery) carry this new color scheme, in my opinion it is distinctive and professional looking — it’s not exactly elegant and sleek like an Apple or Sony, the Latitude favors deep and noticeable grooves as opposed to an Apple smooth all over look, but the look works. And it’s certainly an improvement over the former D610 look which was business boring and all too typical with its grey and boxy appearance.


The industrial looking aesthetics are true to the actual build of the notebook. The D620 is very sturdy; it uses an all magnesium-alloy case. This results in strong overall physical protection of the notebook, worry-free of case cracks appearing or problems with excessive flexing. The hinges are constructed of steel, Dell claims they have been tested for up to 20,000 cycles (openings and closings) to assure freedom from loosening and wobble. The D620 hinges also have a new barrel design to withstand vibration better than past Latitude notebooks. Another moving part on the D620 is the screen latch, this is also constructed of metal to provide durability and a nice look to boot.


The most important thing to protect in a notebook is in most cases the hard drive (where all of your data is stored), data is irreplaceable and sometimes invaluable, while hardware not quite so. As such Dell has implemented StrikeZone technology that reduces the amount of shock experienced in the hard drive area during a drop situation. You can also get Shock Resistant hard drives in 60GB and 80GB capacities that offer further physical protection to data.


The D620 weighs about 5.6lbs with a 6-cell battery, optical  drive installed and the power cord and adapter. Given the fact this notebook is a magnesium-alloy casing and not too much plastic is used, the weight is pretty impressive. It’s not the lightest thin-and-light by any stretch, and it is thicker than the ThinkPad T-series of notebooks for example, but it’s still fairly comfortable to carry around in say a backpack without feeling the weight too much.


RELIABILITY: Straight out of Dell Leasing, you will surely be pleased with the quality and functionality of this laptop. This Laptop has been used in a corporate environment and is in great condition. This item is professionally refurbished, but might show some signs of NORMAL use and wear (MINOR cosmetics). It has been thoroughly tested and is 100% functional.


EXPANDABILITY: The Latitude D620 has a modular bay located conveniently on the front that can hold an optical drive (CD/DVD/CD-RW/COMBO/DVD-RW see specs for which drive is included with this option), floppy drive, an extra battery or second hard drive.


PIECE OF MIND: Bid with piece of mind. We are offering a 30 day limited warranty on all laptops we sell.


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Good battery life and an impressive set of business features

Dell’s Latitude range of corporate notebooks have been a long-term mainstay for many a business person on the move, offering a good balance of performance and dell latitude d620 battery power. Dell has recently refreshed its Latitude series and new D620 sits in the middle of the range. Our review sample came with an Intel T2500 Core Duo processor clocked at 2.0GHz; Dell currently offers the T2600 (2.16GHz) or T2400 (1.83GHz) as alternatives. Backing this up is 1GB of PC2-5300 memory, although once again Dell offers other choices. eher kurz gehaltener Test; online abrufbar


Keyboard and Touchpad


One of the most important parts of a notebook is of course the ease of input, aka how easy it is to type and move the cursor around the screen. The D620 keyboard is full size, it is nice and firm with no flex and overall a pleasure to use. As with typical Dell keyboards, the key touch is lighter than say a ThinkPad — meaning you don’t have to push a key quite as hard to register a keystroke, but it’s a bit more easy to accidentally brush a key and register a keystroke. Depending on your typing style you may or may not like this, very fast light touch typers tend to like Dell keyboards though.




The D620 is offered with a WXGA (1280 x 800) or WXGA+ (1440 x 900) display. The WXGA+ will give you about 26% more screen real estate. As mentioned before, Dell is adopting the widescreen format with the thinking that it allows business users to more easily display side-by-side document windows. The widescreen format also offers a lower overall profile, this is good for in tight spaces such as a plane, and actually means the notebooks footprint is about 2% less overall.


The D620 has a built-in ambient light sensor built-in that will control the screen brightness when on dell laptop battery. For example, in a dark room the screen will dim as less brightness is needed to see the screen, but in bright light the screen will crank up in brightness so it is easier to see. When on power the screen will automatically become brighter. You can override the ambient light sensor to control brightness yourself of course.


As far as screen quality, the brightness is decent, but certainly not the best on the market and nowhere near as vivid as some of the high-end screens for consumer notebooks. It is a matte screen so you won’t get any reflection from office lighting. There is some backlight leakage from the bottom and the overall picture is slightly washed out. Below are some pictures of the screen in the dark, notice the light leakage from the bottom on the all black Windows XP screensaver background.


Wireless Communications


Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and IrDA are all things we’ve seen in the past with the D610 of course, the broadband cellular communication addition to the D620 is new and much welcomed. Dell provides the option of configuring your D620 with an internal antenna for either EVDO or HSPDA, depending on the region you live in and cellular provider you have. My review unit D620 came configured with the Dell Wireless 5700 EVDO modem. I love the fact that there’s no ugly side antenna or extra humps on the notebook where the antenna sticks out as just about every other WWAN equipped notebook uses (such as the ThinkPad T60 or Sony VAIO TX). Rather, Dell puts the antenna in the screen and the D620 looks the same whether do or don’t have the WWAN option.


EVDO via Verizon is a real treat, if you have an existing Verizon wireless account it’s $ 60 a month for unlimited data transfer and if you don’t then the cost is $ 80 a month. You also have the option of paying $ 15 for 24 hour access to the Verizon EVDO network. If you’re a highly mobile worker EVDO can be a real blessing and keep you from fretting about where you’ll find the next hotspot to send/receive email or connect to your corporate intranet from the field. As we know, when you don’t need a wi-fi hotspot they’re all around, but when you need a hotspot to access the net and help land a critical business deal the trail goes cold.


Speaking of finding wireless hotspots, Dell has included a unique feature called “Wi-Fi Catcher” located on the left side of the notebook. You can use this switch to turn off all wireless radios by putting it in the Off position, but far cooler than that, push it all the way forward and it will blink green as it searches for a Wi-Fi network and if one is present it glows solid green, if none is found it shows orange. This Wi-Fi Catcher works whether the notebook is on, off or in standby mode. So there’s no need to boot up and search for wireless networks, just push this button to find out.




The D620 can be configured with a 4-cell, 6-cell or 9-cell dell latitude d620 battery. The battery location is rather odd relative to other notebooks in that it is at the front and not the back of the laptop. If you get an extended life 9-cell dell d620 battery it will stick out of the front a bit and create a sort of lip that extends 0.9″. I have the 6-cell type battery and it does not stick out at all. With wi-fi on and screen at mid-brightness and doing tasks such as web browsing and emailing I got 2h 36m of battery life. That’s decent, but not great. There are certainly thin-and-lights with better and I prefer to see 3 hours or a little more for a thin-and-light travel notebook. If you were to upgrade to the 9-cell you would certainly exceed 3 hours, but at the cost of extra weight and increased notebook size.

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